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Why your beauty business REALLY needs a blog

  The business world has changed a huge amount in the last decade, and the effects of social media and blogging have been felt all over the business landscape, from beauty businesses and massage therapists to copywriters and journalists. When I started in 2007, I didn’t blog. I didn’t have much of a website and Read More

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The art of writing blog posts

I’m writing this one for my girls over at Copywriting for Clever Girls, who asked me absolutely AGES ago how I come up with ideas for writing blog posts – and how they all come together in the end. Writing blog posts for Wingz I write blog posts for Wingz every week, and you know, Read More

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Skin Consultations – salon marketing genius

Making your beauty salon or spa clients feel valued is a sure fire way to get them coming through your salon doors again and again.  Beauty and hair care are such personal things that if you can make people feel that your services are tailored just to them, you’re likely to be onto a winner Read More

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Pretty pictures – get your beauty salon Instagram-savvy

If you think that getting your salon Instagram-savvy is a waste of your time, it’s absolutely not. Instagram is the perfect place for beauty and image-related businesses to showcase just how good they are, show off their favourite products and work, and get to know what other people are talking about. It’s free, and has over Read More

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Real Beauty and Spa Treatment Descriptions

My last post about beauty and spa treatment descriptions provoked a really positive response. As a result, I was asked to post a few examples of some of the work I’ve done! Here are a few old (2013) descriptions I did for spa packages when I was freelancing for Spa Seekers. These were sent through Read More


How to write gorgeous beauty product descriptions that actually sell!

  I know what I’m talking about when it comes to writing beauty product descriptions. I had to write spa package descriptions for Spa Seekers for years and believe me, there are only so many ways you can describe a massage and facial without resorting to the thesaurus a few times. Every single one of Read More


How to write blog posts with personality

I know how it is. You read blog posts from other businesses and they sound so fantastic, and make everything sound so appealing that you just want to be able to write blogs with personality like they do. “If only I wrote my blog like that” you tell yourself, “I would have clients queuing around the Read More