beauty business blogging


The business world has changed a huge amount in the last decade, and the effects of social media and blogging have been felt all over the business landscape, from beauty businesses and massage therapists to copywriters and journalists.

When I started in 2007, I didn’t blog. I didn’t have much of a website and I certainly didn’t have a business Facebook page or Twitter profile. Now I’m advising other people to move their blogging game up a gear and writing blog posts for businesses large and small because In terms of beauty business marketing, blogs aren’t just a pretty addition to your website, they are vital to your marketing, even if you think that your mobile beauty business or small salon gets by with word of mouth and a few business cards.

Why on earth does a beauty business need a blog?

It might surprise you to find out that a blog isn’t a place you sell your services. Nobody is going to sign up to updates for a blog that just sends offers and deals every week. No, your blog is where you get to show your clients and potential clients that you know what you’re talking about.

You can use your blog to show some of your knowledge and personality, talk about things that matter to your clients and build up your brand’s reputation by giving people extra. If you’re an expert on nails, it’s where you can talk about the latest trends and discuss news stories. Compare celebrity styles, give tips on looking after gel nails or polish, even come up with tips for growing stronger nails.

It’s all about getting people to know and trust you. Then, they will buy from you with no hard sell involved. Result!

According to recent figures, companies who blog generate 67 per cent more leads per month than companies not blogging.

That’s a pretty impressive figure by anyone’s standards and all it takes is a little bit of effort to write a blog post once a week (or outsource it to someone else if you want to.)

  • Blogging is an incredibly effective way of marketing
  • Blogging improves your website’s SEO
  • Blogging can help establish you as a trusted expert in your industry
  • Blogging gives your business a personality
  • Blog posts increase long term traffic to your business web site

If your business blog consistently produces content that people enjoy reading and find useful, you can’t fail to get shares on social media, people linking to your content and potential customers joining your mailing list. Another major bonus in a massively oversaturated online landscape is that regular blog posts that are shared, read and linked to gets you higher rankings in popular search engines, which of course gets you closer to the top of the Google rankings.

More content, regularly updated, leads to more people seeing you and booking with you.

Don’t expect to see an immediate result when you start blogging more often. Over time, though, it’ll pick up. At the same time you’re building up a nice big collection of useful online content that you can use on social media, and every time you add a post, you’re improving your search engine ranking.

Make the effort to write regular keyword rich blog posts and whether you invest your own time, or invest money in paying for someone else’s – it’s an investment you won’t regret.