Three ways to audit your web content

  Keeping your website fresh is a challenge that many business owners struggle with. If you already have a site full of content that’s out of date, or just not relevant any more, you could might need to audit your web content – going through your site with a fine-tooth comb, looking for anything that Read More

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Get it out  – what are content marketing channels?

You’ve probably read about how important I think having a blog, and linking it up with social media is for ANY business. It doesn’t stop there though – there’s more to getting seen these days than blogging once a month. The buzzword is content marketing, it’s done across different ‘channels – and so I guess Read More


Sales Pages Savvy – landing pages that work

  It’sIt’s not easy writing sales pages or a landing page when you want to sell your products, an event or special offer. How do you convince your perfect customers to buy your products, or sign up for your event/training? Let’s face it. we’re bombarded with adverts and invitations to buy things every minute of Read More

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The art of writing blog posts

I’m writing this one for my girls over at Copywriting for Clever Girls, who asked me absolutely AGES ago how I come up with ideas for writing blog posts – and how they all come together in the end. Writing blog posts for Wingz I write blog posts for Wingz every week, and you know, Read More


How to write gorgeous beauty product descriptions that actually sell!

  I know what I’m talking about when it comes to writing beauty product descriptions. I had to write spa package descriptions for Spa Seekers for years and believe me, there are only so many ways you can describe a massage and facial without resorting to the thesaurus a few times. Every single one of Read More


How to write blog posts with personality

I know how it is. You read blog posts from other businesses and they sound so fantastic, and make everything sound so appealing that you just want to be able to write blogs with personality like they do. “If only I wrote my blog like that” you tell yourself, “I would have clients queuing around the Read More

Interaction guaranteed! Five ways to get people talking

OK, maybe not guaranteed interaction but if you’re a beauty business or any other business and you’re looking for ways to get people involved with the blog that you spend so much time thinking up ideas for, you need to make them feel like it’s written for and about them. That leads me rather beautifully into Read More

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You can write a fabulous headline that sells – in minutes!

Writing a headline – whether it’s for a blog post like this, a tagline for an advert or an email title is hard. You’ve got to grab the person’s attention you want to buy from you and keep it there long enough to pique their interest, so they don’t delete your carefully crafted words and Read More