selling beauty products in summertime

Selling beauty treatments in summertime

  It’s summer, and your appointment books are full of people booking pre-holiday tans, mani-pedis and cellulite treatments. That’s great, but you haven’t had anyone in for a facial in weeks and you think you might forget how to use the CACI machine if nobody comes in soon. Don’t panic, selling beauty treatments that aren’t Read More

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Market Your Beauty Business for Peanuts

  Marketing – it’s expensive, right? Well, yes, it can be. And time consuming too. But it doesn’t have to be. Invest a little time and effort into boosting your salon or spa’s image and you could reap rewards for very little financial outlay. Want to know how to market your beauty business for less? Of Read More

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Feel Good Nails Inc – Beauty Salon Scoop

It’s that time of the week again – welcome to another Beauty Salon Scoop. Firstly – I LOVE this. Steal it and share it around, it shows the transformative power of a makeover and it’s just mesmerising. If you’ve got some spare time, subscribe to the YouTube channel and watch what Nikkie does – the Read More

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Motivating a beauty salon team – ideas for keeping the workers on-side!

You work hard to make your beauty salon or spa successful, because it’s your business and you’re invested in its success. Obviously you want to make a decent profit from your business, but it can be difficult to motivate your staff so that they give both you and your clients value for money. Investing in Read More

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Another positive review for The Word Boutique

Well, it would appear that I’m looking for new copywriting clients! I hope the positive reviews I’m getting on FreeIndex will help me find someone quickly. I let Inspired go last week, after a successful four week trial period with Breeze Invitations….and received an email overnight from Breeze telling me they’d decided to go in-house Read More

Your name’s not down…the blog rules

As part of my quest for world domination by blog, I also have the Gorgeously Full Fat blog, which is dedicated to all things body-positive and curvaceous. The blog used to be hosted by and called ‘Fat girls are fab too’ mainly because at the time I couldn’t think of anything wittier. I set Read More