skin conditions worry women

Skin conditions can affect anyone, and even women who follow a daily skincare routine admit to being worried about the state of their skin, according to research  carried out on behalf of Liz Earle.

That might not exactly be earth shattering news. But as beauty business owners, it’s something that you need to keep in the back of your mind when it comes to marketing your treatments and selling home care products.

Skin conditions are a DAILY worry

It might surprise you to know that the average woman worries about the condition her skin is in for 22 minutes EVERY DAY. If she comes across something from your salon on social media during that time,, you have the ideal opportunity to show her exactly how you can help.

Of the 2000 women surveyed, acne was the biggest worry, with four in ten women saying they suffered with it. Next was eczema and psoriasis, followed by dark circles under the eyes and generally looking older. Some women said they’d even gone as far as to consider surgery, they were so bothered by it.

Get social media and blog post savvy

This sort of research is ideal for targeting your social media and blog posts. A frightening 44% of the women surveyed didn’t like pictures of themselves because of their skin condition, and half of them actively avoided social events on ‘bad skin days’

Naturally, you’re a people person and you want to help. But how can you get their attention? Post statistics from the survey on your Facebook and Twitter pages, with captions like, “No need to avoid selfies – come in for a free skincare consultation and we’ll get you camera ready” or “No more bad skin days…we’ll help you love the skin you’re in”

Post on your blog about the range of skincare services you offer for specific conditions or concerns and talk about the conditions you can help with. Add statistics, and talk about how, if they are one of the 40% of women who suffer from acne, you can help them to improve their skin. Talk about general skincare advice for acne, don’t just go in for the hard sell. Avoid talking about how awful their skin is now, or how devastating/embarrassing it is to suffer from acne. In fact, avoid the word suffer and say “If you have the symptoms of acne”…and list some of them. Suffer is a very emotive word and it conjures up a lot of negative connotations.

Stay upbeat and positive

Concentrate on the positive. You’re not going to cure acne, eczema or psoriasis but what you can help with is improving the look of people’s skin with top quality products and a course of treatments that are specially designed to help. Talk about practical things that women with skin conditions like eczema can do to help avoid flare ups, and then go on to explain how a particular facial treatment will help. Don’t promise miracles, just tell women that you understand how they feel, and you really want to help them banish their bad skin days to history.

Using media stories and expanding on them on blogs and social media tells your potential clients that you’re not only up to date with news, but that you’re a skincare expert and you can be trusted to help them address their skin issues.

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