skin consultation salon marketing genius

Making your beauty salon or spa clients feel valued is a sure fire way to get them coming through your salon doors again and again.  Beauty and hair care are such personal things that if you can make people feel that your services are tailored just to them, you’re likely to be onto a winner as they feel you have their best interests at heart. It’s called ‘client focussed selling’ and it works really well for beauty salon marketing.

What’s Client Focussed Selling all about?

Client Focused Selling is a perfect fit for the beauty industry and it’s something that also goes hand in hand with social media marketing.  Grab the attention of new clients with a Facebook ad or gorgeous Instagram post offering FREE skin consultations. The word FREE will immediately make people think they are getting something for nothing (which they are) and you’ll be likely to get curious click-throughs. Try it and see.

For ideas on creating absolutely fabulous personalised images for use on social media, check out my post about Canva…

You can get people to click through to your appointment booking page if you have one, and sell the benefits of having a personally tailored consultation. Use lots of personal sounding words, and make sure you’re talking DIRECTLY to the person you want to book this service. Imagine your favourite nail client for example, she’s a regular but never books a facial. How could you encourage her to add a bit of facial pampering to her routine?

Get the language right

Words like ‘personal’, ‘individual’, ‘unique’, ‘tailored’ and ‘special’ will make the service sound like something designed just for your perfect client. Use words that she (or he) would use in conversation, so if you’re pitching at teenage girls and young women you’ll use slightly different language than if you’re hoping to sell anti-ageing treatments to more mature customers.

Money Money Money

Offer a discount for every client who books a facial treatment on the day of the consultation – it gives even more incentive to book right there and then, and not go away and think about it or forget. When you’ve impressed your potential client with a fantastic evaluation of their skin condition and advice on what they can do to solve any problems, they are going to be more suggestible to the idea of booking that treatment with you.

The approach can also work really well if you’re not automating your marketing and selling on social media. Leaflets are an old school way to do it although it can prove more expensive to get leaflets printed and distributed. You can also train your salon staff to introduce the idea of upselling to clients when they are in for their normal appointments. Try suggesting a free skin consultation when the client comes in for an eyebrow wax or even a nail treatment.

We’re offering free consultations at the moment” is a good opener, leading into “we’ve noticed that the change of seasons/time of year affects a lot of people’s skin condition. Shall I book you in for one?”

Again, you’re selling the idea of the consultation as being personally good for that client, so if you know they are pregnant, starting a new job, getting married, or anything that might affect their lifestyle and skin health, it’s your way in. You’re selling this as being good for THEM and something you’ve thought of because you feel they would benefit from it.

Added extras

Another great thing about skin consultations is that you get the opportunity to recommend home care products just as you would after a facial, I know I’ve been seduced into buying gorgeous skincare products on more than one occasion after a skincare consultation. In fact the last time I went a bit nuts at the Clarins counter was after one. Give it a go and see how you get on. And, if you need help with your wording, just drop me an email.