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Ever since my first fledgeling days working on Nails Plus magazine, I have loved writing about nails. I am a complete sucker for any of the OPI ranges just because I love the names they give the colours in each collection. One of my ideal jobs would be the person in charge of thinking up nail polish names for OPI, I cannot tell a lie.

I also love Essie, more for the fact you can by them in Boots and they are gorgeous. I’m often found trying to decide which one of the latest Essie shades I’m going to invest my Boots Advantage points in this time…

It’s always fun writing about nail art and trends because there’s always so much going on. Gone are the days when nude nails were a sophisticated sign of knowing your fashion stuff, now anything goes and high fashion fingernails are part of a ‘look’ rather than just an afterthought.

Social Media gets you noticed

If you’re a nail tech looking at ways to get noticed – Instagram is totally the way to go. Nail art posts are some of the most popular posts on Instagram at the moment, and if you do a search on the hashtag #nails there’s a staggering 47 million images to choose a look from. Some of them are more achievable than others! It’s worth knowing that if you’re a nail-tech who wants to be seen. The amounts of likes nail art images can get on social media is pretty impressive too; a recent backstage shot taken at Jeremy Scott’s Moschino show boasted a pretty damn impressive 12,900 likes, so if you’re in any doubt about whether to post your nail images, don’t be.

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You don’t have to restrict social media posts to your own creations either – it’s fine to share other people’s. Comment on particularly gorgeous creations on Instagram and search people’s work out on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. Although it’s not OK to share images within Instagram, if the images are also available for sharing on other social media sites there’s nothing at all to stop you doing that, legitimately.

With all the recent Fashion Weeks, now is a great time to spend some time on social media, looking at other people’s catwalk and runway creations. Get inspired, write your own blog post about your favourites, share some images and experiment. It’s never been easier to get yourself noticed with nails.

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