If you have to ask that question, you might not even need one. But I’m guessing that because you’ve taken the time to click on a blog post about the subject, you’re thinking it might be a good move.

If you’re a new business, you’re probably spending a HUGE amount of time setting up the nitty gritty nuts & bolts of your operation. Your brain is full to bursting with things to do – and creating a website or having any kind of presence on social media is on the “really can’t think about that now” list. Am I right?

Maybe you’ve been in business a while, but you know what, you’re great at what you do – and that’s not writing. You HATE writing. It never quite seems to sound right and it takes you too long. You could copy the whole damn lot off of the Internet, but you know enough to realise that some people get a bit cross when you copy their work. And Google will punish you by not letting anyone find your website because it’s been copied from someone else’s.

Maybe you just have way too much to do. Why would you need a blog about gardening when you’re busy six or seven days a week actually doing it?

Asking someone to write, blog and manage your social media for you is an investment in your business. You haven’t got the time to make your website sound engaging, even though you’ve spent a fortune on getting all those whizzy buttons that do clever things – people won’t come back and look at it. Blogs and web pages with current and frequent entries, containing information that’s relevant to readers, will help your site move on up the search engine rankings. You can’t just rely on having the words ‘Gardening’, ‘Gardening services’ and ‘Gardeners in Suffolk’ in your web copy any more; the geeks at Google HQ stopped all that and they now send you sliding way down the snake if they catch you overdoing your keywords.

It makes sense to hire someone who knows what they are doing when it comes to playing around with words and making them sound nice. Someone who actually enjoys the challenge of making a shipping company or granite quarry sound enthralling (yep, that’ll be me) and will take the messy business of word-smithery off your hands.

If you like the sound of that, here are a few testimonials I’ve had just recently:

Sarah is able to listen to a client’s needs and interpret those needs on Social Media. She’s full of creative ideas and I definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a blog writer, web copywriter or anyone who hasn’t got the time to manage their own social media.” – Michael Howard

“Wow.. you’ve managed to create an interesting article on granite!” – Emma Jones

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