blue monday

Monday 15th January 2015 is allegedly 2018’s most grumpy day  – Blue Monday – another one of those special ‘days’  that newspapers like to go on about and marketers everywhere use to their full advantage.

You might not think that your salon business can benefit from a day dedicated to being miserable, but think about it; why do people go to the salon? Apart from to get their essential daily beauty maintenance sorted, the main reason people book the more indulgent treatments at least is that they want to feel good. And why wouldn’t they want to make themselves feel better on a cold, wet, grey Monday in January when they’ve just received this month’s credit card statements? Eek!

So, what does this mean for you?

How to make the most of Blue Monday

You know your clients – appeal to whatever you think  makes them tick. Kids back at school? Back to work? Just feeling a bit meh? What treatment can you offer as a post-New Year pick me up? What always sells well anyway and what doesn’t? Are there any treatments you’ve started running for 2017 that you want to promote? NOW is your chance.

It’s so easy to adapt your salon (or any other business) marketing to make the most of events and days like this. Try not to offer discounted single treatments; instead add extra value with add ons. If you’re a nail tech, add a free nail colour to a basic manicure, or offer it for 50% of the usual price. Why not add a free soak off to all your regular gel polish clients if they book a manicure and gel nails?

Hair salons can add a free hair treatment to all colours booked on Blue Monday only.

Add a warming hand massage treatment to every facial or wrap booked in for Monday 15th January  – I know many salons already do this but it’s a great way of offering an extra service – “Pamper yourself on Blue Monday”

You might assume it’s too late to really get out there and push the idea but if you have spaces on Monday, get out there and fill them! Get your social media buzzing – start talking about Blue Monday on Facebook, ask your clients what would cheer them up most on a day like today and use it to your advantage. Boost or promote your offer RIGHT NOW and share it on Instagram too. I dare you; post a picture of yourself pulling a sad face, get onto Canva and play with some graphics, just make people aware that you’re there to brighten up this miserable day for them!


Enjoy Blue Monday and let me know how you get on!