blab interview copywriting

If you haven’t heard of Blab – it’s fab.

And that rhymes.

I’m very honoured and excited to announce that on Friday at 9 .30 I’ll be online, talking copywriting tips, marketing and beauty blogging with the very lovely Anita McAloren of Ocean Coaching.

It’s free to join Blab (and dead easy if you are already on Twitter, you just have to link your accounts) and so if you’re curious about the strange Word Boutique lady that keeps popping up in your news feed, pop over and catch us chatting live on Friday.

I’m really excited, I’m a newbie at this video, Blab and Periscope malarkey and I know that if I want to get the writing biz tip top and out there into the world I have to get over my fear of looking weird on camera and just DO IT. So…see you Friday!

Here’s the link for you: Word Boutique Blab Interview