Viva Voluptuous


PIck of the week at Waterstones!
PIck of the week at Waterstones!

Viva Voluptuous is the name of the novel I had published in 2014…

“Ellie Johnston has just been dumped by her boyfriend Mark.

Being dumped by the man she calls ‘The Weasel’ has dented her ego, and not only is she sulking, but as a plus-sized blogger she’s feeling like a fraud because her confidence in her curvaceousness has been seriously dented.

While she’s still feeling raw, she comes across some evil comments on a newspaper website, which fire her up with a desire to show the world that you don’t have to conform to a skinny stereotype to be happy, healthy, successful and beautiful. She’s passionate about helping other women escape the tyranny of constant dieting and body hatred, after being caught up in it herself.

She enlists the help of her two plus sized and gorgeous girlfriends, Zoe and Lauren, to come up with a plan, and seeks solace in Jamie, a gorgeous younger man with commitment issues, The ‘Viva Voluptuous’ campaign takes the girls on a hilarious journey through PR disasters, dating sites and flash mobs but will it make a difference? And will Ellie get her curvy girl mojo back again…?”

Viva Voluptuous is published by SASSY Books, an imprint of John Hunt Publishing.

You can buy it here: Amazon Kindle or Paperback