About Me – Professional Copywriter


I’m Sarah Clark, a full time professional copy writer in Ipswich, Suffolk.

I’ve been a freelance copywriter since 2007, working on projects as diverse as magazines and classroom materials to regular blog posts and product descriptions.

I have a passion for the beauty industry, having started my editorial career as a features editor for three trade beauty publications in 2000.

Here’s a few of my articles on Contently

Magazines and print publications

I’ve worked on several magazines, including Salon Today, Slim at Home, Soul and Spirit, and P3 Pharmacy Magazine. I also edited Inspired Essex Magazine from 2011-2013.

Blog posts and online content

I write original website copy and blog content for businesses across all sectors, from upmarket spas and luxury beauty, to lifestyle, consumer law, professional and travel. I love writing product descriptions, landing and sales pages too.

Working with digital media agencies

Agencies I’ve worked with include Suffolk-based iMarketing and SEOmers, along with Oi Digital, Ocean Branding, White.net and 1st Class Media.

Working with businesses

I worked with SpaSeekers, The One Thai Massage Centre and Wingz as their go-to copy writer and blogger. I also worked on a total website copy revamp and a skin care guide for Simple in 2008.

Unique copy writing projects

Some of the stranger projects I’ve been involved with include writing a blog post about Tokyo bus lanes, 40 blog articles about cosmetic dentistry and around 500 quite bizarre eBay product pages.

I’ve even written the words you find on the back of cereal boxes. Yes, someone has to write those! I defy any professional copywriter not to get a real sense of achievement at the thought of their wise words appearing on breakfast tables all across the UK.

I’m a member of the Professional Copywriter’s Network, and you can find my listing here

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