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Why I am introducing a range of off the peg copywriting services? It’s because I want to make things easy for you. I know that a lot of small business owners are a bit wary of contacting a copywriter.

That’s understandable; if you’ve never used a writer before, you won’t know what to expect. Will having your writing taken off your hands cost you the earth? How will a writer know enough about your personality and what you do to be able to get you more business?

Introducing Off the Peg Copywriting Services

That’s why I’m introducing my off the peg copywriting services for small businesses. Transparent and affordable, the price list gives you the confidence to try using a writer before committing yourself to a long term agreement.

It’s also perfect for busy business owners who just need a little extra support occasionally, but are happy to do their own blog posts, web pages and sales pages normally.

The Word Boutique Off the Peg Menu

I’ll make this as simple as possible so that you know exactly what you’re ordering.

Blog Post Up to 500 words – No image £60
Blog Post 500 – 750 words – No image £65
Web Page 500 – 700 words £100
Strapline/Slogan for social media Three options included £50
Product /Service Descriptions Up to 100 words per description £20
Brochure/Leaflet copy Please contact me for a quote
Sales Page/Landing Page Please contact me for a quote  £150

How I work with you

These off the peg options are just a chance for you to get a taster of what it’s like to work with me. It’s a completely no obligation service, and I promise you there will be no pressure to take up one of my bigger or regular copywriting packages.

Get in touch through my contact page or Facebook Page, or email me at and tell me which service you’d like and I’ll chat to you over email, phone or Skype, whatever’s easiest for you. We’ll agree a deadline and I’ll have your order with you ASAP.

If you love my work and want to work with me again, we’ll talk. I have a range of special packages for blog posts which suit all budgets, some with no commitment. Commit to six or twelve months and the you’ll pay less.

Hiring a copywriter doesn’t have to be scary! (I’m lovely, honest) – so contact me and let’s talk about how I can help you.

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