Sales Pages Savvy – landing pages that work

  It’sIt’s not easy writing sales pages or a landing page when you want to sell your products, an event or special offer. How do you convince your perfect customers to buy your products, or sign up for your event/training? Let’s face it. we’re bombarded with adverts and invitations to buy things every minute of Read More


Professional copywriter seeks … work! Great rates….

Well, I wasn’t expecting that. After three years working as a professional copywriter for SpaSeekers, my longest-lasting client, I’m out of a job as far as spa captions and blog posts are concerned. Spa Goddess Sarah is no more. There will be no more spa visits and my plans to try out one of their hen Read More

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Another positive review for The Word Boutique

Well, it would appear that I’m looking for new copywriting clients! I hope the positive reviews I’m getting on FreeIndex will help me find someone quickly. I let Inspired go last week, after a successful four week trial period with Breeze Invitations….and received an email overnight from Breeze telling me they’d decided to go in-house Read More

The Word Boutique

Exciting times for Copywriter Girls – New Projects

I finally took the plunge this week and decided it was time to move on from my position as Editorial Director of Inspired Magazine and find a new project or two. I’ll be completing the May issue and after that, I’m a free agent again! It was fun while it lasted but co-ordinating contributors, PR, editorial Read More


Socks – the travels of a freelance beauty writer

The spa trip was, as expected, utterly lovely, and I’m just waiting to hear back from the PR for Lifehouse Spa so that I can write the article for Inspired. I love being a freelance beauty writer! The great thing about a spa trip is that once you’re safely installed in your cosy fluffy white Read More

Spa Gazer and beauty writer

I’m off on a press trip to Lifehouse Spa & Hotel  today. I’m super happy about this, as I’m a beauty writer at heart; I have an affinity with spas that goes back over ten years. Oh, and I really need one of their fabulous ESPA massages, because all the hard work I’ve been doing Read More