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Copywriting …Everything you ever wanted to know…

I spent a lovely hour or so chatting to Anita McAloren from Ocean Coaching this morning, and she asked me all about The Word Boutique, why I love copywriting, and how I could help small businesses and beauty/holistic therapists get their copy in order. We ended up having a good old chinwag about setting boundaries with Read More


Why do you need a copywriter?

If you have to ask that question, you might not even need one. But I’m guessing that because you’ve taken the time to click on a blog post about the subject, you’re thinking it might be a good move. If you’re a new business, you’re probably spending a HUGE amount of time setting up the Read More


Giving up multi-tasking for Lent – copywriting projects

You know how sometimes everything seems to be conspiring to tell you that you could be doing things better? Call it synchronicity, but everywhere I’ve been seeing articles and blog posts about uni-tasking. And thinking how I could apply that to my copywriting projects. Like most women (and probably a fair few men) I am Read More

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Your name’s not down…the blog rules

As part of my quest for world domination by blog, I also have the Gorgeously Full Fat blog, which is dedicated to all things body-positive and curvaceous. The blog used to be hosted by and called ‘Fat girls are fab too’ mainly because at the time I couldn’t think of anything wittier. I set Read More

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Freelancer of the Month – Sarah Clark

OK, this interview was from last year, but I thought I’d share it anyway. I was interviewed by Features Exec in February 2012 as their Freelancer of the Month. “All things girly” is what freelance journalist, editor and blogger Sarah Clark focuses on in her writing, and some of those ‘girly things’ are spas, beauty Read More