spa and beauty copywriting

One of the things I’ve had drummed into me since I have started trying to get to grips with the marketing side of copywriting (that is; marketing myself rather than marketing for other people) is that people buy from you because of the benefits they think they are going to get, not because of a list of ingredients or pretty packaging.

Think that’s not the case?

What would you rather indulge yourself in?

Enjoy a massage treatment which involves a therapist moving her hands around your body, using scented oils and placing stones on specific areas  in order to warm your skin and muscles and assist the penetration of the body massage.”

Treat yourself to a gorgeous hot stone massage and let our trained therapists take you on a journey of relaxation. Enjoy a full body massage with aromatic oils to deeply relax you, enhanced with warmed natural stones that take the relaxation even deeper and soothe any tiredness in your muscles.”

Which one would you book? Which one made you think “OMIGOD that sounds amazing, I really need that after the day I’ve had?”

It’s not the first one, is it?

You’ve got to sell the benefits of whatever you’re offering, using words that appeal to the person you want to sell to.

So when you’re writing your sales copy, product/treatment descriptions or website copy, keep your perfect client in mind and imagine what THEY would be looking for, what excites them, what gets them to book that treatment, or buy that product.

What problem are you solving for them? How are you going to help them? How will it make them FEEL?

If you want to talk about how to do this in your business, contact me for a consultation.