The Professional Beauty Addict April 2016


Rather than a straightforward newsletter, which is a bit boring, I thought I’d get creative and design a magazine for you this week. I’ve called it Professional Beauty Addict and It’s your monthly treat!

You can read it here: Professional Beauty Addict April 2016

I won’t spoil the surprise and tell you what’s in there but I really hope you enjoy it.

How I created Professional Beauty Addict

I created it in MadMagz and it was free to create in their basic template, although you can upgrade and use more flexible versions. The images were mostly from Adobe Stock so not very expensive. The words are all mine.

If you enjoy it or know someone who might, please subscribe to email updates and you’ll never miss another issue. I’d also really love to feature beauty industry updates, professionals, salons, spas and holistic businesses as case studies in the future, as well as getting people involved to give me their comment and opinion on the things that really matter to the beauty industry. I’ll never rival the paid-for magazines but I’m a one woman business and it’s just coffee and creative juice that I function on…

Can I help you?

If you’d like me to create something similar for your business, beauty or otherwise, let’s talk. I really enjoyed creating it and although this template is a little bit inflexible, with a paid for version I could really do something special for you.

Have a great week…PS: Pleeeease share the magazine with anyone else you think might enjoy it, using the links below. I’ve already had a response from a lovely PR lady who sent me the information about Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic:

” This looks brilliant! I can’t believe you knocked all that up in such a short space of time. The team will be thrilled with this coverage!”

Makes it all worthwhile…